Industrial Exhaust Fans with High CFM

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    Commercial exhaust fans

    Industrial exhaust fans, also known as commercial exhaust fans, are used in a multitude of locations. Whether you have a barn, hall, factory, workshop, shop, greenhouse, shed or any other type of space, they definitely come in handy. Below are a range of products that show the best exhaust fans you can buy. Reviews are also a great indicator about the true operation of the fan. Reviews are included below the product for your convenience. A table at the bottom of this page shows a large selection of fans ordered by CFM, so you can easily choose the right fan for your application. Refer to the table of contents for easier navigation.

    Uses of Industrial Exhaust Fans

    These exhaust fans are used to control the interior environment by taking out particulates, odours, moisture, smoke and other pieces of matter which may be in the air. These fans act to primarily take matter, such as dust or gas and remove it to an external space. These fans can also be implemented into systems for heating and cooling. While regular fans can be used in more domestic applications, the industrial variety are used for larger spaces. They typically need more power, are larger and can apply larger exhaust capacity.

    For example, exhaust fans are used in some woodwork shops to ensure the sawdust and other fine particles are removed from the environment so people don’t inhale the particles. These may also be installed in residential type places, to be used as a fan, or exhaust system in a building’s attic, used to circulate air in the building or home. They can sometime sometimes be confused with attic ventilators, which just exhausts hot air from the attic to the outside though an opening (unpowered). Restaurants rely on exhaust fans to keep their kitchens clear of smoke or fumes from cooking.

    Warehouse Ceiling Fans and other big ceiling fans

    If you’re looking for something to place on the ceiling to circulate air or cool down your area, look at our page about large industrial ceiling fans. These may be suitable for your for factories, garages, warehouses, and retail stores. There is also more information about high CFM ceiling fans here.

    Wall mounted exhaust fans

    The best exhaust fans are the wall mounted kind. These fans sit in a hole in the wall, and, as described above, remove the particles in the air from one side to the other.

    High CFM exhaust fans

    Industrial fans have high CFM. CFM stands for Cubic feet per minute, and is a measure of air flow that can be extracted by the fan. The higher this flow rate is, the faster contaminated air can be extracted to the outside. It is recommended that a high CFM is used for industrial purposes as safety can be a large concern. Generally, high CFM exhaust fans are better. Electronic circuitry provides the initial torque needed to start up the large fan blades for this high CFM. A higher CFM in a smaller area will just mean that the space will be refreshed more often.

    Warehouse exhaust fans

    Many of the exhaust fans on this page are suited specifically for warehouse applications. Some have very big CFM capabilities which might be great for your shop application, barn or warehouse. Industrial wall exhaust fans should have the appropriate CFM rating (and dimensions) for your sized space. If you need a basic outline in order to select a basic warehouse ventilation system, continue reading into the next paragraph which helps you select a commercial exhaust fan.

    What CFM do I need?

    Generally, the bigger CFM the better. Some exhaust fans here also include different speed motors, so you can be flexible about choosing that particular model. There are different methods to calculate what different exhaust cfm you need. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need about 0.1 to 1 CFM per square foot of space for your application. The lower end (0.1 CFM per sq.ft) is for cleaner, less moist environments. The higher end (1 CFM per sq.ft) would apply to stuffy, hot and moist or dirty areas like garages, offices and warehouses. If in doubt, pick a higher CFM. I’ve also made a handy CFM calculator that you can use to obtain an estimate for your application here.

    TPI Corporation CE10-DS Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

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    exhaust fan image of tpi

    This CE 10-DS is a single phase 10-inch diameter direct drive exhaust fan. It has a built-in shutter mechanism and is a great fan for interfacing with the outside.

    The blade system (steel hub and spider) holds three aluminum paddles. These paddles are enclosed by front steel spiral wire guards for higher durability and strength. The built-in shutter mechanism allows the fan to be installed from inside, which is a huge plus. External framing isn’t needed, and the self-closing shutters protect the fan from the elements (such as rain and snow) when not in use. This fan can also run at variable speeds thanks to the permanent split capacitor. The motor of the CE10-DS exhaust fan is fully sealed, making it suitable for use in conditions that regular motors are not suited for, such as around dust.

    Quick specs of the CE10-DS industrial exhaust fans

    Motor3-speed, 1 amp, 120 volt, single phase, 1/12 horsepower, permanently lubricated, totally closed ball bearing motor with permanent split capacitor
    Switch typePull chain
    CordNo cord, junction box provided for direct wiring
    Blades3, Aluminium
    Blade guardsSteel spiral wire
    Cubic feet per minute (CFM)680 / 540 / 460
    Weight11 lbs.
    Dimensions13.125 x 13.125 x 11.935 inches (H x W x D)

    Other models

    If you need a larger fan, or a CFM that’s different, have a look at these:

    Reviews: Read more great reviews here.

    MaxxAir IF14UPS Industrial Exhaust Fan

    industrial exhaust fans image tpi
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    This heavy-duty MaxxAir Ventamatic 4 Exhaust Fan blades are driven by a thermally protected motor. This fan is shipped fully assembled in a durable 20-gauge galvanized steel housing with integrated shutters. This fan is a also a good solution for bringing air into industrial and other commercial spaces, and evacuating the bad stuff. The the MaxxAir IF14UPS comes in 3 sizes: 14 inches, 16 inches and 18 inches so you can better tailor your required CFM output. Also significantly, the shutters of this fan also open and close automatically which is great. 

    Quick specs of the MaxxAir IF14UPS exhaust fan

    Motor Amps 2.65, 1,100 RPM, Volts 115, Needs to be Hardwired. Vertical installation only.
    Cubic feet per minute (CFM)1400
    Weight27 pounds
    Dimensions13 x 18 x 18 inches

    Reviews: (Read more great reviews here)

    Other models

    If you need a larger fan, or a CFM that’s different, have a look at these:

    Fantech 2SHE1021 Exhaust Fan

    industral exhaust fans Fantech 2SHE1021 Axial Wall Shutter
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    This fan is a 5 shutter, 4 blade exhaust fan. The 2SHE1021 ventilators are UL 705 standard listed. The guards have a heavy duty polyester coating to resist corrosion and rust. The guards are also OSHA compliant which is obviously ideal. The motors are also totally enclosed for optimum operation. The speed is also controllable and not fixed. Shutter frames come with prepunched mounting holes allow for easy installation. The 3 blades are also manufactured from aluminium.

    Quick specs of the Fantech 2SHE1021 Exhaust Fan

    MotorVoltage 115 V, Frequency 60 Hz, Phase 1, Power (P2), motor 24.9 W, Current 1.4 A, Max. airflow, impeller speed 1725 r.p.m.
    Blades3, (aluminium)
    Cubic feet per minute (CFM)585
    Weight10 pounds

    Reviews: (The good) Read more great reviews here.

    Fantech 2SHE1221 Series 12″ Shutter Mount Exhaust Fan

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    industrial exhaust fans fantech 1221 image

    This fan boasts similar features to the previous Fantech, but it a slightly bigger and beefier version. However, this fan has a 5 flap vent. The guards have a heavy duty polyester coating to resist corrosion and rust. The guards are OSHA compliant, much like the 1021 Fantech. The motors are also totally enclosed. The speed is also controllable and not fixed.

    Quick specs of the Fantech 2SHE1221 exhaust fan

    MotorVoltage: 115V, Frequency: 60Hz, 1 Phase, 1.4 A current draw, 1570 rom motor, 119W input power
    Cubic feet per minute (CFM)792
    Weight21 lbs

    Reviews: (The good) Read more great reviews here.

    VES 24″ Exhaust Shutter Fan, Wall Mount

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    industrial exhaust fans ves 24 inch image

    The VES 24 inch is one of the biggest industrial exhaust fans on this page. It boasts high performance and easy installation. This fan contains aluminium blades fan with 9´ power cord. This is perhaps one of the most economical and versatile industrial exhaust fans on the market.

    The totally enclosed 0.25 horsepower motor comes complete with built in three speed switch and water tight cord connector. The motor is also a single phage, 115v. No electrician contracting is required, just mount the fan in the wall and plug it into an approved receptacle.

    This is compatible with a PSP300 thermostat for switching of the fan (on and off). Moreover, aluminium shutter (corrosion resistant) comes with a tie bar to reduce shutter noise and keeps the shutters firmly closed when not in use.

    Quick specs of the VES exhaust fan

    Motor2-speed, 2.8 amp, 115 volt, single phase, 1/4 horsepower, 1570 RPM,
    Cord9′ cord
    Blades3, Aluminium
    Blade guardsSteel spiral wire
    Cubic feet per minute (CFM)5850
    Weight32 lbs.
    Dimensions24.5 x 11 x 24.5 inches

    Reviews: (The good) (Read more great reviews here)

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    The best industrial exhaust fans

    The following are a selection of different industrial exhaust fans with different CFMs. If a fan has more than 1 speed, it is less powerful overall (in general, but more versatile). I recommend purchasing a fan with different speeds as it is more likely to suit your needs should they change. Use our industrial CFM exhaust fan calculator to get the best fan for you..

    ProductDiameter (in.)CFMSpeedVoltage (V)Current (A)DimensionsWeight (lbs)
    Fantech 2SHE0721712711151.411.125 x 11.12515
    Fantech 2SHE10211058511151.413.125 x 13.12510
    Air-Flo SMF 10A1058531151.513.125 x 13.125 x 11.7510
    TPI Corporation CE10-DS106803120113.125 x 13.125 x 11.93511
    Fantech 2SHE12211279211151.415.125 x 15.12521
    Air-Flo SMF 12A1280031151.515.125 x 15.125 x 12.12511
    TPI Corporation CE12-DS1282531201.115.125 x 15.125 x 13.30516
    VES 12″129703115112.5 x 12.5 x 1128
    Fantech 2SHE162116107011151.519.125 x 19.12519
    Air-Flo SMF 16A1610953115119.125 x 19.125 x 14.87517
    MaxxAir IF1414140011152.6518 x 18 x 1327
    VES 16″1614403115316.5 x 16.5 x 1122
    TPI Corporation CE14-DS1415203120217.125 x 17.125 x 13.30517
    Fantech 2SHE187118182011151.221.125 x 21.12522
    Air-Flo SMF 18A18186031151.321.125 x 21.125 x 14.87524
    TPI Corporation CE16-DS16210031202.119.125 x 19.125 x 13.30518
    Air-Flo SMF 18B18259011154.521.125 x 21.125 x 18.62531
    Air-Flo SMF 20D2028303115523.125 x 23.125 x 18.2537
    Fantech 2SHE20B1W20283111151.523.185 x 23.18539
    TPI Corporation CE20-DS20292521202.323.125 x 23.125 x 13.30534
    MaxxAir IF1818300011155.3427 x 25 x 1860
    VES 20″20314031153.820.5 x 20.5 x 1131
    Air-Flo SMF 24C2432403115427.125 x 27.125 x 19.7536
    TPI Corporation CE30-DS30395021200.733.125 x 33.125 x 13.30554
    Fantech 2SHE24B1W24399211153.727.125 x 27.12539
    MaxxAir IF24UPS2441001115629 x 29 x 1446
    VES 24″24585031154.424.5 x 24.5 x 1132
    Fantech 2SHE30C130608111154.433.125 x 33.12565
    Fantech 2SHE36D136805811155.639.125 x 29.12575