High CFM ceiling fans

High CFM ceiling fans are just like regular ceiling fans, but have larger blades or spin faster. A ceiling fan works by creating a slower movement of air upon people in a room. These high cfm ceiling fans don’t actually cool air, but make it seem as if the air is cool. This method is also much more energy efficient than air conditioning. These ceiling fans also disturb the layers of hot air in the room and force it down to improve climate control energy efficiency. You can look here for a larger selection and description of large industrial ceiling fans. Below are a selection of some good high CFM ceiling fans for your application.

What does high CFM mean?

Much like in the description in the article about high CFM exhaust fans, CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This stands for the volume of air that the fan can move. The higher that the CFM number is, the more air is moved. The more air is moved, the more cool you’ll feel. Therefore, there are two variables that affect the CFM of a high cfm ceiling fans. These are the top fan speed, and the size of the fan itself. The larger the fan is, the higher the CFM will be. The faster the fan spins, the higher the CFM will be.

High CFM Ceiling Fans

Generally speaking, a high CFM ceiling fan would make it larger than the average fan. The most typical fan blades range from 51 to 55 inches. Therefore the highest CFM ceiling fans would be in the 56 to 65 inch blade length and above.

Highest CFM Ceiling Fan

The highest CFM ceiling fan that I could find is the absolute monster Big Air ICF72UPS. This fan has 72 inch blades and boasts a whopping 10200 CF. Look at this beast below.

high cfm ceiling fans image of the big air