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VES 60" Industrial Indoor/Outdoor Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan

VES 60" Industrial Indoor Outdoor Moisture Resistant Ceiling Fan

This one ups the blade length and surface area a bit and the motor strength, allowing for even more air movement. It also includes multiple settings, including conveniently, a reverse function. While it might not seem like much, a reverse function can be a lifesaver and offer a much better range of use. Not only will it offer a better choice for cooling, the reverse function can also aid greatly in ventilation, making it useful in warehouse or manufacturing environments where chemicals or overwhelming smells are present, or in an environment where heat needs to be syphoned out rapidly, such as manufacturing areas, anywhere motors run most of the time, or cooking and baking areas.

Where would this fan work the best? Smaller warehouse or manufacturing areas with ceilings on the mid-level range, about ten to twenty feet are the perfect environment. Larger open floor office or commercial spaces, including large open floor retail spaces. With the reverse function and it being moisture resistant, it could also be successfully used in indoor greenhouses or workshops where moisture is a constant.

The moisture resistance can also be useful in delivery areas or areas where a lot of steam would be present. The reverse function is also a big advantage to remove heat from an area, so anywhere with a lot of machinery, running equipment, or pretty much anything that puts off a lot of heat. The price puts it squarely in the midrange category, which even for a midrange fan it has a lot of features not present on even more expensive models. Not a bad candidate for one of our commercial ceiling fans

CFM: 5797🔥🔥

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