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Best MEDIUM Size Industrial Fans

XPOWER X-41ATR 1/3 HP 3600 CFM Variable Speed Axial Air Mover

xpower industrial fan

The X-41ATR is the ultimate axial fan — packed with features such as variable speed control up to 3600 CFM, low 2.4 Amp draw, 3 hour timer, included 360° rotation rack/stand, and built in power outlets w/ circuit breaker to get a variety of jobs done. Use this high performance fan with its unique grill design to extend a powerful and focused stream of air up to 60’ in any direction. This axial fan features a sealed external induction rotor motor for maximum torque and protection from contaminants and water damage. Easily transportable, this unit’s super lightweight yet durable ABS injection molded housing is daisy-chainable and can be stacked up to 5 units high. Ducting hoses (16DH25 or 16DH15) and adapter kit (16DHK) are available separately for confined space ventilation. Above all, these fans are preferred for professionals of industries such as water damage restoration, construction, jan/san, and carpet cleaning.

CFM: 3600🔥

Ruler icon 22.5"H x 21.9"W x 9.8"D

  • Powerful, extra quiet and energy efficient 1/3 HP External Rotor Induction Motor
  • 3600 CFM and low 2.8 Amp draw on its highest speed
  • Variable speed switch control, built-in dual outlets for daisy chain and 3-hour timer
  • Patented air fin guide for more focused and extended air stream range
  • ETL/CETL Safety Certified
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MaxxAir 24-Inch High Velocity Portable Industrial Air Fan

Maxx Air industrial Grade Air Circulator

The MaxxAir Tilt fan is perfect for all of your small and medium sized ventilation needs. It can be used in small workshops, garages and warehouse stations. This fan is also useful for drying carpet when tilted 180 degrees. Additionally, this 24 inch tilt fan has non-skid positioning legs, roll-around wheels for mobility and a rugged 22-gauge steel housing for durability, as well as OSHA compliant, powder-coated grilles.

CFM: 4000🔥

Ruler icon 32"H x 30"W x 16"D

  • CFM-High 4000-Low 2800
  • Ideal for use in workshop, patio or basement
  • Tilts airflow a full 180-Degree
  • OSHA compliant rust resistant grille
  • 8-Feet power cord
  • CFM-High 4000-Low 2800
  • Ideal for use in workshop, patio or basement
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Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High Velocity Multi Mount Fan

Air King 9318 Industrial Grade High Velocity Multi Mount Fan

The Air King 9318 Industrial Grade Wall Fan is used to cool and circulate air in industrial or commercial settings including, loading docks, warehouses, health clubs and other commercial spaces. This fan can be mounted to walls, ceilings or steel beams to save floor and table space. The 9318 is suitable for busy warehouses or bustling gyms and keeps the power cord off the ground for high traffic areas. With a powerful motor and steel construction, this fan is the perfect solution for instant air circulation and cooling. It comes with a 1-year limited warranty to protect against defects in materials and workmanship.

CFM: 3190🔥

Ruler icon 21"H x 21"W x 16"D

  • 18-Inch powder coated metal blade
  • 3-speed, 1/6 HP, 120V, 1 phase, totally enclosed ball bearing motor
  • Rear mounted pull cord switch and a black, 9-foot, 3-conductor SJT type power cord
  • ETL and OSHA compliant; Tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230.99
  • Up to 3190 CFM
  • One of the best industrial floor fans that’s not a giant. (Also multi mount!)
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Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch Max Performance High Velocity Floor & Wall Mount Fan

Lasko 2265QM  20″ High Velocity Quick Mount

Lasko’s #2265QM Max Performance 20-inch high velocity floor or wall mount fan converts easily from floor to wall use with the quick mount system. This industrial grade fan with tubular steel construction features metal blades to deliver maximum air movement three powerful speeds. Coming with a pivotable base, This fan can also pivot to direct air flow.

I've actually owned this one personally and say that it really blows (in a good way). Though I wouldn't recommend it in a small apartment on setting 3! 😂

CFM: 3460🔥

Ruler icon 22.5"H x 24.75"W x 12.5"D

  • Metal fan blades deliver maximum air movement
  • 3 powerful speeds
  • Durable tubular steel construction
  • Pivots to direct air flow
  • Rubber pads protect surfaces
  • Built-in carry handle
  • Use as floor fan or wall-mount fan
  • Bracketed mounts easily to wall studs
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Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56" Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial 56-Inch Three Indoor Ceiling Fan

This is one of the smaller, industry standard commercial ceiling fans of choice for a lot of smaller, budget minded individuals. Nice fast motor, moderate blade size, and able to move a lot of air fairly quickly. It offers adjustable speeds for even more control, and includes a 5 speed switch. Installation is a breeze, but the manufacturer recommends at least 10 feet of clearance between the blades and the floor. While it is rated for industrial uses, it can also be used for commercial settings, or some residential use. This is the standard variety fan, and it’s perfect for upgrading existing hardware while not breaking the bank to do it. As it is the lower price model, the fan will reflect that somewhat, but it’s still a great starter fan for a space.

Where would utilize this fan the best? Retail storefronts, small shops, and smaller retail spaces would be a great fit, as it’s a smaller space where comfort and ventilation is key. A larger, open floor office space could also make use of several of these efficiently, to help with circulation in such a large space and ease the stress on a central AC unit. These would also be great for outside seating areas, patios, or breezeways. I personally wouldn’t recommend these for larger backroom or warehouses spaces since they aren’t super powerful, but if it’s a space on the small end of the spectrum, a couple of them would work in a pinch.

CFM: 4833🔥

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Fantech 2SHE1021 Axial Wall Shutter Fan

Fantech 2SHE1021 Axial Wall Shutter Fan

This fan is a 5 shutter, 4 blade exhaust fan. The 2SHE1021 ventilators are UL 705 standard listed. The guards have a heavy duty polyester coating to resist corrosion and rust. The guards are also OSHA compliant which is obviously ideal. The motors are also totally enclosed for optimum operation. The speed is also controllable and not fixed. Shutter frames come with prepunched mounting holes allow for easy installation. The 3 blades are also manufactured from aluminium.

CFM: 585

Ruler icon 16"H x 16"W x 10"D

This fan comes in a range of different sizes including 7", 10", 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36".

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iLIVING ILG8SF12V variable speed shutter fan

iLIVING ILG8SF12V 12 inches variable speed shutter fan

Introducing iLiving's Exhaust Fan. This powerful 12-inch propeller shutter fan is a variable speed fan that can easily cool a large area of your home at an affordable price. It has a small yet mighty motor, which can provide effective ventilation for any room in your home. Plus, it’s made from high-grade aluminum for added resistance to rust and corrosion. For a variable speed fan that will help dissipate heat in your home, look no further.

CFM: 772

Ruler icon 15"H x 15"W x 5.75"D

  • Improve cooling costs
  • One of the top rated fans.
  • Keep your living space cooler and more comfortable
  • Perfect for any space at your home
  • Exhaust fan with adjustable speed functionality when combined with the speed controller.
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