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AC Infinity AIRLIFT T14 shutter exhaust fan

AC Infinity AIRLIFT T14 shutter exhaust fan

The AIRLIFT T14 is a shutter exhaust fan that is designed to ventilate out heat, moisture, odor, and dust from various spaces. The unit has a programmable controller with a corded probe, controls the fan speeds in response to temperatures and humidity. The EC-motor has an innovative PWM-control maximizes airflow while reducing energy consumption and noise levels. It comes with integrated galvanized-steel shutters, aluminum blades and a IP-44 rated housing make the unit highly resistant to liquid and dust.

CFM: 2418

Ruler icon 16.93"H x 16.93"W x 6.42"D

  • Comes in sizes 10" to 14"
  • Fully programmable and automated temperature and humidity controls
  • Adjustable fan speed, alarms, timers, backup memory, and eco-mode
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