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Fantech 2SHE1021 Axial Wall Shutter Fan

Fantech 2SHE1021 Axial Wall Shutter Fan

This fan is a 5 shutter, 4 blade exhaust fan. The 2SHE1021 ventilators are UL 705 standard listed. The guards have a heavy duty polyester coating to resist corrosion and rust. The guards are also OSHA compliant which is obviously ideal. The motors are also totally enclosed for optimum operation. The speed is also controllable and not fixed. Shutter frames come with prepunched mounting holes allow for easy installation. The 3 blades are also manufactured from aluminium.

CFM: 585

Ruler icon 16"H x 16"W x 10"D

This fan comes in a range of different sizes including 7", 10", 12", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30", 36".

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