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iLIVING ILG8SF12V variable speed shutter fan

iLIVING ILG8SF12V 12 inches variable speed shutter fan

Introducing iLiving's Exhaust Fan. This powerful 12-inch propeller shutter fan is a variable speed fan that can easily cool a large area of your home at an affordable price. It has a small yet mighty motor, which can provide effective ventilation for any room in your home. Plus, it’s made from high-grade aluminum for added resistance to rust and corrosion. For a variable speed fan that will help dissipate heat in your home, look no further.

CFM: 772

Ruler icon 15"H x 15"W x 5.75"D

  • Improve cooling costs
  • One of the top rated fans.
  • Keep your living space cooler and more comfortable
  • Perfect for any space at your home
  • Exhaust fan with adjustable speed functionality when combined with the speed controller.
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