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TPI - CE10-DS Corporation Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

 TPI - CE10-DS Corporation Direct Drive Exhaust Fan

This CE 10-DS is a single phase 10-inch diameter direct drive exhaust fan. It has a built-in shutter mechanism and is a great fan for interfacing with the outside.

The blade system (steel hub and spider) holds three aluminum paddles. These paddles are enclosed by front steel spiral wire guards for higher durability and strength. The built-in shutter mechanism allows the fan to be installed from inside, which is a huge plus. External framing isn’t needed, and the self-closing shutters protect the fan from the elements (such as rain and snow) when not in use. This fan can also run at variable speeds thanks to the permanent split capacitor. The motor of the CE10-DS exhaust fan is fully sealed, making it suitable for use in conditions that regular motors are not suited for, such as around dust.

CFM: 680

Ruler icon 15"H x 15"W x 11"D

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