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72" Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan

72" Casa Velocity Modern Industrial Ceiling Fan

Looking at going bigger still, or do you have limited ceiling room? This 72” Casa ceiling fan can provide as much air movement and circulation as two smaller units, all while taking up a singular footprint. Adjustable speeds for any level of circulation and cooling you may need, and a sleek stylish design makes this one stick out aesthetically from the bunch. This is one of the larger commercial ceiling fans. The only downside comes at the size, since the diameter of the fan requires quite a lot of clearance over the others on this list. If you’re consolidating your ceiling space, this is the one you’ll want to consider.

It squarely sits in the higher end of the mid range price category, even though it lacks some features others have. What it does lack in specs, it does make up for in appearance though. If you’re looking for something pleasant to the eye and don’t care too much about an extra speed setting, this is the fan you’ll want to look at.

Where would this work best? Large spaces. Retail, office, warehouses, anywhere that needs a lot of air moved. The manufacturer says the blades are to be at least 10 feet off the ground but can be efficient up to 30 feet. So it’s also useful for spaces with higher than normal ceilings, such as large warehouses or retail spaces without a drop ceiling. Spaces with limited ceiling space due to construction or layout can also make use of these fans due to the ability to move lots of air over several separate units.

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